Catholic Film Festival 2019 (hereafter referred to as “The Festival”) is organized by the Korea Catholic Cineaste Association, a related organization of the Committee for Social Communications of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea, officially approved by the Archdiocese of Seoul; and is hosted by the Executive Committee of the Festival.

The theme of the Festival is ‘Our Peace.’ As the longing for peace is growing bigger and bigger than ever, the Festival seeks to present diverse possibilities for peace by means of films containing the value of gentleness and coexistence in us transcending the barrier between you and I.

  • The Festival will be held for 4 days, from October 24th (Thursday) to 27th (Sunday), 2019, at Daehan Cinema in Chungmuro, Seoul.
  • Non-Competition (by invitation) films will be screened twice throughout the Festival.

No awards will be given to Non-Competition (by invitation) films. Awards will be given only to (Korean) short films in the Competition Session.

  • Films submitted to the Festival (hereafter referred to as “the Film”) shall pertain to the theme of ‘Our Peace.’
  • There are no restrictions on the Film in its running time and genre—fiction, animation, documentary, experimental films, etc.
  • The Film must have not been released in the Republic of Korea prior to the Festival. (However, previous screenings at any other film festivals will not impact the Film’s eligibility for the Festival.)

The Film shall be submitted online to, during a period starting January 1st (Tuesday) and ending on July 31st (Wednesday), 2019, at midnight (24:00 KST).

  • Documentation
  1. Submission Form (in DOCX, PDF)
  2. 1 photo of the director(s) (in high-resolution JPG, or PNG)
  3. 3 stills from the Film (in high-resolution JPG, or PNG)
  4. 1 image file of the Film’s poster (if available)
  • Submission Rules
  1. A screener link to the Film or the screener file shall be mailed to
  2. Codec: H.264
    File format: MOV or MP4
    Resolution: 720p or 1080p
    File size shall not exceed 2GB.
  3. The subject of the e-mail shall be:
    “CaFF2019 Non-Competition/applicant’s name/title of the Film/running time.”
    e.g. CaFF2019 Non-Competition/John Doe/Romeo and Juliet/70 min
  4. No submission fee will be charged.
  • Subtitles
  1. If the Film contains a dialogue or on-screen text in any language other than English and Korean, it must be presented with English or Korean subtitles.
  • Films to be screened in the Non-Competition (by invitation) Program will be selected by the Festival’s Program Team. The team will review all films submitted by midnight July 31st (Wednesday), 2019, and will notify each applicant of the selection result.
  • Once the Film’s selection for the Non-Competition (by invitation) Program has been announced, its screening at the Festival cannot be canceled.
  • Upon receiving a notification of selection, the applicant shall submit the Film’s final theatrical-version file after consultation with the organizers of the Catholic Film Festival (hereafter referred to as “the CaFF”) about the submission date/deadline.
  • The theatrical file shall be presented in DCP and MOV format. A standard DCP (including all directories), a MOV file (ProRes 422 Codec), and an exported file at 1080p and 24p fps shall be stored on an external hard drive or a flash drive, and be sent via postal mail to the secretariat of the CaFF; or shall be transferred via an online storage drive, etc.
  • Along with the theatrical file, an 11-second highlight in MOV format shall be submitted as well. The highlight will be used in the Festival’s opening ceremony and promotional trailer. If no highlight is submitted, the CaFF will select and use an excerpt(s) from the Film at its discretion.
  • Non-Competition (by invitation) films originating from outside of the Republic of Korea shall be presented with Korean subtitles for Korean audience if available.
  • CaFF will try its best to keep files submitted on an external hard drive or a flash drive safe. In the event of an unavoidable accident or a natural disaster, however, the CaFF will not be held responsible for any damage to or loss of the materials submitted.

In compliance with the relevant international regulations, the CaFF shall not screen the Film more than three times throughout the Festival. The number of screenings, dates and venue shall be determined by the CaFF.

  • Any materials submitted may be used in the Festival’s catalogues and other promotional materials.
  • For each selected Film, the CaFF has the right to create a video clip not exceeding three minutes by excerpting from the Film, and use it to promote the Festival.
  • After the Festival finishes, the Festival will retain all selected Non-Competition Films’ copies in HDCAM, DCP, HD, HDV and MOV formats for screening, study or educational purposes. When necessary, the CaFF may request the Film’s copyright holder to send again a digital copy(ies) of the Film.
  • The selected Films may be re-screened at non-commercial touring exhibitions, exchange exhibitions with other film festivals, screenings for sponsors, educational programs, etc that are organized and/or hosted by the CaFF.
  • When the CaFF plans to have any of the selected Films broadcast on a Korean or foreign TV channel, it shall gain consent of the Film’s copyright holder.
  • The copyright of the submitted Film rests with the copyright holder.

It is deemed that any person who submits the application for the Festival agrees to these Rules and Regulations described above.

Rules and Regulations for Submission to the Non-Competition: PDF

Submission Form for the Non-Competition: DOCX | PDF